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Outreach - Building Communities


The Christ the King Unit of MBMG, composed of members who live in the vicinity of the Greenmeadows parish, organized a livelihood program last year for the ladies living in the Gawad Kalinga Village of CTK in Novaliches.

Livelihood Project

The GK Ladies: Juliet Mendoza (Chairperson, far right), Bing Roma, Myrna Jasmin, Nining Torres, Baby Aycocho, Joy Budlao, Fely Gaelo, Puring Luben, JR Luben

It was organized in time to meet the need for additional stoles and altar linen to fill the Mass Kits that the Manila Chapter distributed during its 55th Anniversary. With an initial donation from the Mother Butler Foundation of P25,000, the CTK Unit was able to purchase two regular sewing machines and one edging machine. One year later, the GK ladies welcome the challenge to embroider more beautiful stoles, and learn new skills to produce altar linen fit for the dignified celebration of the Holy Eucharist.


The CTK Unit is chaired by Patsy Henson. Vice Chair is Bet Montecillo, and members are from Units 3, 7, 12, 15 and 17.

Outreach in Elsie Gaches Village, 17 February


We made a special journey on February 17 to the village of Elsie Gaches, home to 615 special residents, and the dedicated Sisters of Charity of St. Anne whose mission it is to care for the handicapped and abandoned. Tending to the needs of such a community is a herculean task, and all of us were one in admiration for the work done by the Sisters and the support staff.


The day started with Holy Mass, with the enthusiastic participation of the children. A short program followed and the highlight was a number by 13 year old Christine, whose poignant rendering of “Journey” brought tears to our eyes. A simple merienda of delicious pancit and homemade goodies was then served during which our members shared stories with the Religious, how it came to pass that a Congregation of Indian women live, work and serve in Elsie Gaches. In a tour of the compound that followed, we saw the 4 categories of residents: those with Cerebral Palsy, the Profoundly Disabled, the Lower Trainable, the Upper Trainable. We saw the specially constructed beds, the care that each child needs and receives. We saw profoundly disabled, high-risk residents in a gym-like room behind grills, some of them grown men and women, all of them washed, kept clean and fed.


Our visit ended with a look at the Convent and the private chapel, with a tabernacle donated by the guild. Alice handed over a donation of P40,000 which Sr. Savita gratefully acknowledged. What a journey it was indeed!

Elsie Gaches' Fact Sheet:

615 Residents
180 Service Staff(6 Religious,54 Private Employees, 120 Government Employees)
5 Sacks of rice a day
15 kilos of detergent a day
70 kilos of meat a day
Electric Bill: P120,000 a month
Water Bill: P80,000 a month