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Altar Linen



The output of the Guilds includes altar linen for the dignified celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Guild members produce altar cloths, corporals, palls, purificators, finger towels and sacristy towels.


The regular altar cloth is 36" wide and 3 1/2 yards long.  For Mass Kits, the cloth is 2 1/2 yards long.  Cotton, ramie or opal is used, with a small cross is sewn at the center.


The corporal, the priest's placemat, upon which the chalice and paten rest during the Mass, is a square piece of linen measuring 18" x 18".  Made of pure cotton, pure linen, pure ramie or any natural fabric; no synthetics.


The pall is a piece of linen used to cover the chalice during the Mass to safeguard the Precious Blood.  It is made of thick plastic covered in linen.  Like the corporal, only natural fabrics, with no synthetics, can be used.  A finished pall measures 6" x 6", with a colored cross at the center on one side only.


The purificator is the priest's napkin, used to purify and clean the chalice during Mass.  It rests on top of the chalice under the paten.  Soft cotton or opal, or fabric that won't scratch the chalice is used.  A finished purificator measures 9" x 15 " with a colored cross at the center.


The finger towel is the cloth the priest uses to dry his fingers.  Absorbent material is used, not ramie or linen.  It measures 9" x 12" finished, with a cross at the right hand corner.


The sacristy towel is used in the sacristy. It is made of absorbent material and measures 12" x 18".