A MILLION ROSES FOR THE WORLD - Daily Prayer Intentions
September 22, 2016, Thursday- Luminous Mystery
Today we pray for La Union. Our intentions are:

1. We pray for the province and the people of La Union. 

2. For humanitarian assistance to the more than 14,000 drug dependents that have voluntarily surrendered in the province, for effective solutions to the flooding that regularly submerges many towns, and for resolution of issues raised against the construction of the hydroelectric power plant in Tubao.

3. For the peacemakers, those who choose life and build bridges, those who unite.

4. "To change the world, we must be good to those who cannot repay us." We pray for the grace to extend a helping hand to the poor, the homeless, the unemployed.

5. For the sick, those burdened by cruel diseases, may they live in hope.